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Thea’s Taverna is an innovative greek restaurant with cuisine that ‘foodies’ in the lower mainland have their eyes on. Creating an ‘in crowd’ branding with new logo, identity, menus, street signs, website and packaging.

Naomi and her team were approached to get the old world greek look and feel out of this new management restaurant and to focus on bringing ‘Grandmothers’ cooking out of the village kitchen and into a marketplace that appreciates tradition with the cultivated palettes of mouthwatering lamb, tantalizing zesty cheese dishes, calamari that is cooked as it is ordered and much, much more.

The two tt wordmark logo was created along with the Maze logo. Each help similar appeals to Thea’s Taverna as the story behind the logo’s help special meanings. The two tt’s provide the strong new direction of the restaurants’ chef/owner Bill Katotakis – an attitude of; in your face, we know we are good! This identify adds to the core brand elements of Thea’s Taverna in order to keep it fresh and vibrant on an ongoing basis.

The Maze design focuses on the heart of Thea’s Taverna. The roots of Thea’s greek cuisine comes mainly from the southern part of Greece, Crete. The icon of theĀ  minotaur bull and the maze communicate the raw honesty of the brand. The strength of a business run by people with a genuine passion of real Greek food.

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  • Skills: Conceptualization, project management, art direction
  • Client: Theas Taverna
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